Check out tentative list of 2017 speaking engagements: See you there…

This year’s (tentative) speaking engagements will bring me to:

  • Yale Energy Sciences Institute, New Haven, CT, 01/18/2017, “Electronic Friction in Chemical Dynamics at Metal Surfaces”
  • Pittsburgh Quantum Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, 02/08/2017, “Self-assembly, switching and catalysis: ab-initio insights into stimulated surface chemistry”
  • Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG), Dresden, Germany, 03/21/2017, Session O27.1, “The role of nonadiabatic friction in chemical dynamics at metal surfaces”
  • CECAM Workshop on “Interface Morphology Prediction with Robust and Efficient Structure Search (IMPRESS)”, Helsinki, Finnland, 06/07 to 06/09, Title TBA
  • CECAM Workshop on “Challenges in reaction dynamics of gas-surface interactions and methodological advances in dissipative and non-adiabatic processes”, Albi, France, 06/26 to 06/29, Title TBA
  • IPAM Workshop on “Optimization and Optimal Control for Complex Energy and Property Landscapes”, Los Angeles, CA, 10/02 to 10/06, Title TBA

Be sure to come by, if you have a chance!